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        Buying Guide of Nantong Millionaire Casket

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        Step 1. Make decision on which styles you'd like to get, if not sure which is a hot seller, just contact us for advice

        Step 2. Make decision on the quanity of each style you'd like to get, contact us to see if your order is making the best use of container space

        Step 3. Send the final purchase order to us through email, fax or any other way you prefer

        Step 4. Once we receive your final order, we'll issue a proforma invoice to you, the invoice will cover the description of the order, the quanity of each style casket you'd like to get, and unit price, and the total amount.

        Step 5. Wire us a down payment to our company bank account once you receive the proforma invoice, and we'll start processing your order as soon as the down payment arrives. We'll keep you posted on the order status every once a while. You can commence the order procedure and make payment through Alibaba as well.

        Step 6. We'll notify you when your order is finished, and you can use any of your preferred shipper to handle your shipment, if you'd like us to handle the shipment for you, we're willing to do so for you at no cost, we'll get the best freight quotaion from shippers and prepare all the necessary documents for you. You pay us the balance of your order, and we'll put your container on board, all you need to do is to wait for the container to arrive at your door.

        Step 7. Once the container arrived in the destination port, you'll need to pay the freight to the shipper, the tax to the Customs in your country, and hire three to four people to unload the container for you.

        Step 8. Let us know when you encounter any quality issues or malfunction. We're willing to solve any of the problems by the quality warranty agreement.

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