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        Packaging & Shipping

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        Every casket is covered with soft fabric to protect the surface, and then plastic bags to keep clean and tidy, and then packed inside its individual carton box with foam and paddings in necessary areas to prevent any damages.  The caskets are usually stacked upon each other, and stacked up to four layers inside a 40HQ container.  Most of the importers usually use two types of containers, one is 20GP container, which can hold 24 caskets, the other is 40HQ container,which can hold 64 American style wood caskets. 


        Nantong Millioniare Casket cooperates with any shipping line that you want to use, such as COSCO, CMA, KLINE, HMM, EMC, NYK, ZIM, MCC, APL, HANJIN and so on to deliver the containers, the containers can be either delivered to your local port or directly to your door.

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